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Interview: Pedro Vega (Latamseeds) at AgroAlimentaria 2018, Mexico

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Expos, People |

At AgroAlimentaria 2018 in Guanajuato, Mexico, Patrick Rosat took a moment to speak with Pedro Vega, Director General of Latamseeds, about the past year and how things are looking for 2019.

PR: Hey Pedro, so how’s this event been for you so far?

Pedro Vega: For us the expo is a great place for showing clients all that we offer, including our seeds of course, but particularly innovations like the Aqua-4D system. A lot of people here are interested in what the system can offer for solving their salinity problems in both their water and their soil.

PR: What have you been up to in 2018?

Pedro Vega: We’ve integrated some really experienced colleagues into our Latamseeds team, with new progress in the north-eastern areas but also in Michoacán, Jalisco Guanajuato and Sinaloa.

PR: This often involves a certain amount of “matching”; could you explain a little about what kind of “matching” you do involving Aqua-4D?

Pedro Vega: Yes, we’re at a really important point right now because we have clients who have needs for vegetable seeds and adequate soil conditions for bringing about a good production. We match up these clients with the Aqua-4D system which allows growers to maximize the quantity and quality of their production while at the same solving any existing soil and water problems which those growers have.

PR: What are your plans for the year ahead?

Pedro Vega: Aqua-4D already has a presence in terms of validation studies in the areas of Sinaloa, Michacoan, Juanahuato. We aiming to start working with clients in the north-east area which has water scarcity problems; they can really benefit from the advantages the system gives. We are sure we are going to continue to grow with Aqua-4D and keep on a very encouraging path.

PR: This has been something of a difficult year in Mexico; how do you see the year ahead into 2019?

Pedro Vega: Yes, there have been some economic problems in Mexico, meaning we’ve had low prices for chilies, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers. Furthermore, there were quite a few climate-related problems on the pacific coast, as well as a significant amount of rainfall in Mexico in general which impacted on prices.  The year to come will be one of recuperation for all those invested in the agro industry and, along with also a change in government here, let’s see what happens. At this moment in the last trimester of the year, we see that the prices are stabilizing but at the same time the quantity of agricultural output has reduced, simultaneously driving the price up. But we’re definitely optimistic in terms of the products we offer and our own business.

Pedro Vega from Latamseeds, thanks for your time!

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