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Game changer: new pre-assembled Aqua-4D skid released

by | May 3, 2018 | Media - News, Products | 0 comments

Aqua-4D is excited to announce the release of its first ready-made 24 x TU 360 skid system. Sometimes referred to as a “system in a box”, a skid is a process unit which is manufactured off-site as a self-contained system. They’re a big new development which allow for pre-assembly at the headquarters in Switzerland, before being delivered in its entirety to the customer. The first skid is being installed in California and due to be operational in the coming weeks.

Normal installation of the Aqua-4D system generally takes place on the customer’s site, with the system delivered flat-pack style for self-assembly. This new ready-made system gives Aqua-4D full quality control, is built in controlled conditions at the headquarters, and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) is completed before shipping, thus vastly reducing on-site installation time at the destination.

To find out what impact such a self-contained system will have, we spoke to Aqua-4D’s Chief Technical Officer, Charles-Henri Faure. According to Faure, it is designed for maximum accessibility and ease of service: “It’s pre-assembled, and just needs to be connected to the irrigation network and the power supply, that’s it”, he says. The connections are amalgamated into one point, making on-site connection seamless and swift. Such portability is particularly important for customers needing to move the Aqua-4D system from one field to another for different crops, as well as for storage during cold winter months. With just one large system to move instead of many smaller parts, these movements will be made much easier.

The skids are to be offered in different sizes, from 2 to 4 TU 360 (43 to 86 m3/h) up to 21 to 24 TU 360 (345 to 518 m3/h), with other sizes offered on demand. They are designed for either indoor or outdoor installation, and for easy connection to either mains electricity or solar power.

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