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Aqua-4D into the final at the Climate Show innovation competition

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Media - News |

The Climate Show 2019 is being held in Lausanne, Switzerland this week, with a special focus on rising companies with technologies and solutions for climate protection and sustainability. Aqua-4D were shortlisted for the keynote innovation competition as part of the “1000 Solutions” group, held on Thursday 13th Feb.

Up against Aqua-4D were other innovative trailblazers including Climeworks, a Swiss CO2 capture technology; Ingelia, a Spanish biorefinery turning waste into value products, and Lausanne’s own eSMART Technologies, with a device for managing household energy consumption.

Aqua-4D’s Javier Meyer, Director of Marketing, presented the company’s technology to the panel. Particular emphasis was placed on the numerous sustainable benefits the technology can bring to irrigation systems, with numerous positive knock-on effects for food producers and the environment.  These include significant water reductions – very often in areas blighted by drought – as well as efficient nematode, biofilm and limescale control without the use of any chemicals. All this made possible by a device using minimal power which can be seamlessly plugged into solar panels.

With so many boxes ticked in terms of sustainability, the panel were impressed with what they heard and selected Aqua-4D as winner in their category, to go on to the grand final later in the week.

Stay tuned for more good news!

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