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Aqua-4D makes a splash on the coast in Ecuador

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Expos, Media - News | 0 comments

From March 23-25, Aqua-4D and our distributor Tonello Soluciones Integralestook part in AGROEXPO 2018 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, an event which drew over 60,000 visitors from the region’s agricultural sector. Tonello Soluciones, our commercial partner in Ecuador, is active all over the country and invited us to join them at this important event, to spread news of Aqua-4D’s technology to this coastal area.

There was a significant amount of interest generated. Víctor Carrión came to us from Island Conservation and is concerned about the water supply in the Galapagos Islands, both for direct consumption and vegetable greenhouse projects. Joselo Aguirre from the Santa Elena Peninsula approached us and noted his concern with salinization and its impact on fruit crops, a conversation which prompted us to visit the area and learn about SanLucar’s development of table grapes.

Other notable visitors were Patricio Lopez, Manager at Distribuidora India, who discussed the installation of irrigation demos next to their warehouses to promote corn crop efficiency, and the NutriExpres team from Quevedo, who are interested in comprehensive crop management. Led by their technical manager, Byron Caicedo, NutriExpres and Tonello Soluciones have been implementing irrigation technologies in banana, cocoa, and tobacco crops, and will begin promoting Aqua-4D for the efficient use of irrigation water and targeted nutrition.

Special thanks to Tonello Soluciones Integrales, and to Alexandro Tonello in particular.

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Expos, Media - News | 0 comments

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